What To Expect At Your First Appointment

Thursday, 16th March

Finding your wedding dress is probably the most important thing about the day of your wedding (but we are a bit biased). Your first appointment might be daunting, but it doesn't have to be that way! So here's some tips on what to expect at your first bridal appointment with us here at Rachel Ash.

1. Have fun!

Appointments at our boutique last 90 minutes, giving you enough time to spend rummaging through and trying on our beautiful collection of gowns with your loved ones and most importantly to cherish the moment you are in. Our number one goal is for you to enjoy yourself - whether you find your dream dress or not! We want you to feel relaxed, well taken care of and most importantly, like the special bride you are. Feeling nervous? Let us know! This way we know exactly how much direction to give you on the day. Some brides are super giddy and know exactly what they want whereas some brides are super nervous and overwhelmed with the choices. We are here to help no matter which bride you may be. Just relax, enjoy the moment and smile!

2. Our stylists

When arriving at Rachel Ash, you will be greeted and introduced to one of our professional and friendly stylists. We will be sure to understand your wants, needs, likes and dislikes when it comes to all things bridal to ensure you get the most out of your experience with us.

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3. The dresses

Our boutique offers 1-to-1 appointments only, meaning that throughout the duration of your appointment, the boutique is all yours to take over. With 90 minutes of pure wedding dress bliss, you’ll be able to try on between 6-8 dresses and feel like the true princess you are. If you have already picked out some of your favourites from our website or Instagram be sure to let your stylist know so we can pick these out for you to try. Our sample dresses do vary in size and shape, but don’t worry about this, we have lots of tips and tricks to get brides into dresses that may be a couple of sizes too big or too small.

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Did you know: Most brides find their dress in the first 4-7 dresses that they try on. Trying on more than 10 gowns can often lead to confusion and make the shopping experience stressful. Keep this in mind when booking your appointments!

4. Trying on the dresses

It can be a daunting moment trying on your first ever bridal gown, but also one of the most special moments in your entire life. Did you know that many brides say yes to the first ever dress they try on?

Once you have chosen your selection of dresses, we can start the most exciting part of the appointment! Our stylist will place the dress on the floor for you to step into (if you would rather the stylist was in the fitting room at this point just let us know, but we find most girls like their own privacy to get undressed!). Then our stylist will come in once you are ready and do up the dress and ensure it's sitting on your body as best as it can. This may mean we have to clip the dress into place. Once this is all done, it's the big reveal! Stepping out from behind the curtain to your friends and family can cause a string of emotions, but it really is a magical moment to see yourself in the mirror for the first time in a wedding dress. *queue the tears*

Love it? Great! Lets keep it in mind and try the next one. Hate it? No problem, let's rule out any similar ones. It is a process after all and we are here to guide you as best as we can.

5. Saying ‘Yes’ to The Dress!

Did you cry trying your dress on? Then it’s probably the one! If you say YES to the dress then we can all have a little celebration together, afterall, it's a big moment! After that we will need to take your measurements, fill out some paperwork (boring!) and take a deposit to secure your dress. Your dress may take 6-8 months to arrive with us depending on the designer so be sure to have enough time (plus fittings) to get this ordered. From then on we will keep you updated on your dress journey as it arrives in store.

It really is that simple! <3

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Author: Carly Mancini Spicer

Photos: Fawcett Photography

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