Caring for your wedding dress after you have worn it on arguably the most important day of your life so far, is something many of us wouldn't even think about. Although you may not plan on wearing it again, restoring it to the condition it was when you purchased it has its benefits.

Aftercare package

These are just a few ideas and if any apply to you, Rachel Ash offer an aftercare package priced at just £250. This includes dry cleaning by a specialist wedding dress dry cleaning company, and having the dress packed into a special hand made wedding dress box in the design of your choice. Give us a call or email us and we can arrange this for you.



Although you may have purchased your dress brand new, it doesn’t mean everyone is looking for a brand new dress. There are many resale sites out there with the likes of preloved and ebay giving you the opportunity to sell your wedding dress for someone else to enjoy.


Hand down

If you are lucky enough to have a daughter, why not start up your own tradition of handing down your wedding dress for her to wear or re use on her wedding day. If perhaps because fashions change, they do not want to wear the exact dress, sections could be used and incorporated into their dress.

Mother and daughter

Friend's wedding

If you and your group of friends are all in the process of getting married. Why not wear your dress again at their wedding like these girls did and enjoy the magic all over again. Our seamstress Katrina has turned a wedding dress into another stunning outfit, which has been worn at friend's weddings and other occasions.

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