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Friday, 11th November

We love helping each and every one of our brides find the one dress that makes them feel amazing. Keep reading below to find out how our beautiful local bride, Grace, found her perfect wedding dress and 'wow' veil with us here at Rachel Ash.

How did you feel about the prospect of wedding dress shopping?

The idea of wedding dress shopping was totally daunting and overwhelming - I had booked Rachel Ash as it was a very local shop and wanted to go there for my initial experience. Having felt that I had to visit more than one shop, I did, but nothing compared to the experience I had at Rachel Ash or their dress collection.

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How did Rachel Ash make you feel special?

The stylists and the seamstress are all so professional and make you feel special and that you had all the time in the world. They were happy for us to browse the dresses and advise without being forceful. They were so understanding when my dress had to be altered to fit after wedding weight loss, and it felt like a real journey with everyone!

What were your favourite parts of the wedding dress shopping experience?

My favourite part was my final fitting - I had a few! After ordering the dress made to measure I lost quite a bit of weight. Katrina wasn't phased by this, despite having to practically remake the dress! I remember putting the dress on, and it fitting perfectly after having had a few fittings with it hanging off, and we all cried with happiness! Also Rachel Ash went above and beyond when I wanted a last minute hair accessory to make it work.

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How did you choose your dress? What made you fall in love with it?

My dress was the second dress that I ever tried on! It was simple and classic and exactly what I wanted, without me knowing beforehand. Also, knowing it was a British designer made it that much more special, and the fact I could have it made to measure was amazing. Not only did I fall in love with my dress, my veil was equally special and everyone at the wedding commented so! I'd never seen one quite like it, and it's totally made the pictures! I even had the cake designed to match it!

Caroline Castigliano

Did you have any alterations made to the dress to make it more bespoke? What was this process like?

I had extra buttons added to my dress and chose to go through the made to measure process with Caroline Castigliano so the dress was perfectly proportioned. Despite this, I still required alterations because of weight loss, and Katrina was amazing. She also personalised my dress, to include a very special something blue in the pocket of my dress.

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What advice would you give to other brides about to start their dress buying journey?

Relax, and take it all in as it's such a special experience. Don't feel pressured to try heaps of dresses on when your perfect one might be the first or second you choose!

Is there anything else you feel other brides should know about what they can expect from Rachel Ash?

You are in great hands!

Lots of love, Grace x

Dress: Payton by Caroline Castigliano
: Danielle by Theia
: Grendon Church & marquee at home
: @beckytranterphotography

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The happy couple

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