Wona Concept / Preston

The detail

  • Brand: WONA
  • Silhouette: Fit and Flare
  • Neckline: Sweetheart
  • Sample size: 14
  • Price: £1,950

Introducing Preston by WONA to our 2024 collection. Crafted from glossy fabric, it radiates a captivating sheen that enhances your natural beauty. The strapless corset, adorned with intricate draping and sequinned gussets, creates a mesmerising play of light and texture. The sweetheart neckline adds a touch of romance, framing your décolletage with grace. For an enchanting touch, detachable sleeves made of azure lace, adorned with shimmering sequins, provide an ethereal and glamorous appeal. To further elevate the allure, a long detachable overskirt adds a dramatic and regal touch, cascading effortlessly with each step you take.

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