Alex Veil / Tilda - NEW - UK 8/10

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  • Brand: Alex Veil
  • Silhouette: A-line
  • Neckline: Straight
  • Sample size: 12
  • Price: £1,400
  • Sale price: £1,000

Introducing Tilda by Alex Veil. This modern and romantic chiffon gown with detachable sleeves is available to try now.

Materials: Corset with bones and cups for bust support, soft white colour, light chiffon, the sleeves are detachable.

Alex Veil aim to design their gowns lightweight and easy-to wear, comfortable, granting you freedom of movement. To achieve that, they pick only top-quality fabrics with key features of them being soft, kind to skin and well fitting.

Alex Veil dresses are truly custom, unlike most brands they do not simply adjust existing standard sizes, but rather they tailor each dress from a blank page using advanced engineering techniques and a brides individual measurement. This helps to achieve best fit and comfort, and minimise the amount of alterations that may be required.

We are selling a brand new Tilda in a size EU 40, which best translates to a UK 10 size comparing to the high street. The dress is new to in original packing and ready to wear. 

  • The dress measurements are; Bust 92cm, waist 74cm and hips 100cm. The default cup size is a C.

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