Nicole Spose

Nicole was established in 1996, but passion for the bridal gown is part of a family tradition. Alessandra Rinaudo, founder of the brand along with her husband Carlo Cavallo, has breathed since her childhood the atmosphere of an ancient high-fashion tailor shop. In the workshop in Saluzzo, watching the work of her grandmother and mother, she learned to appreciate the quality of a French lace, to identify the best Italian silk, to capture the value of embroidery to exalt the beauty and originality of a dress.

This way of understanding and creating the bridal dress is maintained in the Nicole brand; the expression of the artisan that recognises elegance and sophistication. Collections that speak of a fresh and young fashion, that dictate trends whilst maintaining quality and tailoring.

In expanding the company she has been able to create six lines with a defined character: the first the very trendy line that maintains the name of the mother company, Nicole.

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Nicole 2020 Trunk Show 4th - 6th October

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