My life-long love affair with flower crowns continues today as I have indulged myself with lots of beautiful pictorial inspiration.  

As an early 90's bridesmaid, in a nearly-neon yellow satin dress, I proudly wore a gypsophila crown for the first time. I was around 5 years old and sadly my softer-lemon counterpart got last minute nerves leaving me to lead the procession of 7 multi-coloured bridesmaids down the aisle on my own. We were ridiculous. But it was OK, for I had my crown, and it would be the source of all my power... 

Someone told me there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair
— Led Zeppelin

Ethereal, romantic and oh-so whimsical... do you plan on crowning your head with a floral-halo? Here are a few things to consider.


As nicely demonstrated by the above gallery, halos work with all hair types and lengths but look their very best when the hair has plenty of body. Hair down is the bohemian, free-spirited look of choice but we think a loose side plait works just as well if you have some en-vogue back detail you don't want to hide. The key here is to think constructed dishevelment; whether that be soft waves teased through or a plait pulled open and messed-up a little bit, this isn't the time for perfectly tamed locks


It's not all just about colour, although that is obviously really important, think about size and texture too. I personally wouldn't go for a large repeating flower unless you are trying to achieve a Hawaiian lei look. No I didn't think so. But a sole, more delicate repeating flower can be really effective, especially for bridesmaids. 

Will your crown be made of the same flowers as your bouquet? Or will you just take inspiration from it? Using the same foliage would be a lovely way to tie it in to your look without looking too insipid. 

What season will you be getting married? That might greatly influence the choice of flowers and the overall look of your crown. Your florist will be able to advise you on your options here. 


Symmetrical or asymmetrical? The true bohemian probably wouldn't care but if you want to incorporate bolder flowers, such as peonies or hydrangeas, it might be worth thinking about as the type and amount of flowers wired onto the garland will affect the weight of it. You don't want your crown to become an uncomfortable burden.

Position, forehead or crown? I prefer the crown, it's less bold but as my forehead is the size of most peoples faces, perhaps I would reconsider that detail in reality. Your florist will need to know so they can correctly measure your head. 

Bear in mind that the beauty of real flowers is fleeting so consider how long you will wear your garland. They won’t stay looking their best for long, so wait until the last possible minute to don your crown for the day and maybe swap to something else to change up your look for the evening when the flowers may start to look a little tired.

Thanks for reading my little blog, I hope it's been helpful.

Love, Ash x