Nicole was born in 1996, but the passion for the bridal dress is part of a family tradition. Alessandra Rinaudo, founder of the brand along with her husband Carlo Cavallo, has breathed since her childhood the atmosphere of an ancient high-fashion tailor shop.

In the workshop in Saluzzo, watching the work of her grandmother and mother, she learned to appreciate the quality of a French lace, to identify the best Italian silk, to capture the value of embroidery to exalt the beauty and originality of a dress. This way of understanding and creating the bridal dress is maintained in the Nicole brand; the expression of the artisan that recognises elegance and sophistication.

In expanding the company she has been able to satisfy a variegated target creating six lines with a defined character: the first very trendy line that maintains the name of the mother company, Nicole.

Collections that speak of a fresh and young fashion, that dictate trends, while maintaining quality and tailoring.



“It's with a lot of emotions in my heart that I open the doors of my magic world.”

“Passion and commitment: this is the magic of our work.” Alessandra Rinaudo, innovative designer of the bridal world, after winning the leadership of the market with the Nicole group collections.

Soft,sliding lines, glamorous naked backs become elegant with luxurious embroideries. Contemporary details and bright jewellery on precious silk name her the icon of style. The collection speaks to you of elegance, taste and quality.

“A warm thank you to all the couples that chose Nicole; their affection and joy are the life blood of our future.”