The most exciting e-mail EVER dropped into our inbox on Tuesday afternoon from the Editor of Bridal Buyer!  We are thrilled to be finalists for the Best Retailer Website.

Our new site was launched earlier this year (March 2015).  Following some research we realised that the majority of our visitors connected using a mobile or tablet device, which our previous site didn't fully support, so we responded with a complete re-design.  Our new, dynamic website, with slick visuals and responsive content sets the standard for the shopping experience in our boutique.  Informative content such as what to expect at an appointment, clear call-to-action points and an on-line booking form are all delivered through an intuitive website, fully optimised for any device. 

Bridal Buyer Awards 2015
Congratulations! You have made it to the finals in the Best Retailer Website category in the Bridal Buyer Awards 2015, and you made it against some pretty tough competition! This year’s Awards had a greater number of entries than ever before and the judges have worked hard to research and assess the short-listed entries. So, open the bubbly and celebrate now.
— Susi, Bridal Buyer

And we certainly did, I don't really need much encouragement, but it is a great feeling to be recognised for all our hard work.  We are so looking forward to the Awards Ceremony at Harrogate in the Autumn!